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Updated at May 24th, 2023

The Plan tab in the mobile app houses both My Lists and My Calendar (known as Lists and Planner on the web version of Lilypad). 

My Lists

The My Lists menu, shows category selections for Potential Placements, Follow Ups, Distributor Attention, Events and any Target Lists that have been specifically created for the user. When any one of the categories are clicked on, a list will populate of Accounts that have been tagged for that list. A user can also add more accounts to all lists except for a Target List - only an Admin or Super User is able to edit Target Lists.

There are 4 default lists:

  • Potential Placements – accounts that are interested in product but have not yet given a hard commitment.
  • Follow Ups – accounts where follow-ups have been scheduled for future dates and times.
  • Distributor Attention – accounts that need specific attention from the distributor.
  • Events – accounts where events have been scheduled for future dates and times.

There are multiple places to add an Account to any one of these default lists. 

Adding an Account Through an Activity or Task 

While in the Activity or Task, at the bottom of the set of survey questions, 3 buttons are shown for Potential Placements, Distributor Attention and Follow Up. Click on any of those buttons during an Activity or Task to add to the list. 

Adding an Account Through the My Lists menu

  • Click on My Lists under the Plan tab.
  • Click on any lists to add an Account to that list.
  • Click the '+' sign at the upper right corner of that list.
  • Either search for an Account or choose one from the populated list.
  • That Account will now exist under the chosen list.

Utilizing Lists

Once Accounts have been added to Lists, a user can view these Accounts in either a textual list view, or on the Accounts map. 

A button is provided at the bottom of any lists in order to toggle between List and Map view. For Target Lists, an additional 'Stats' button is provided for easy viewing of  -

  • Total of Accounts in Target List.
  • Visits This Month.
  • Commitments (can be further clicked for details).
  • Total CEs this Month (can be further clicked for details - cumulative across all accounts and all reported invoices from distributors ).
  • A goal tracker for any Target List Goals.

Each list will have it's own pop up menus when an Account is long-pressed (click and hold click).

  • Potential Placements. Long press an Account results in - 
    • Add Placement
    • Start Activity
    • View Account Details
    • Remove from list
  • Follow Ups.Long press an Account results in - 
    • Add placement
    • Start Activity
    • Modify Date/Time
    • View Account Details
    • Complete/Remove
  • Distributor Attention. Long press an Account results in -
    • View Account Details
    • Complete/Remove
  • Events. Long press an Account results in - 
    • Add placement
    • Start Activity
    • Modify Date/Time
    • View Account Details
    • Complete/Remove
  • Target Lists.Long press an Account results in - 
    • Add Placement
    • Start Activity
    • View Account Details

My Calendar

My Calendar will show all planned activity as colored dots for a quick view on a user's planned day. Color codes are called out in the legend below the calendar and dates can be clicked on to see what activity was planned for that day. As a day is selected, any activity that was planned for that day will show in a list view under the color code legend. 

A user can add any of the following planner items by clicking into the plus sign in the top right corner of the screen:

  • Visit
  • Follow Up
  • Event
  • Meeting
  • Work With
  • Warehouse
  • Admin Time
  • Out of Office

Adding Planner items

  • If the item choice is tied to a specific account, search for and select the account. If this is not tied to a specific account, skip this step as it is not applicable.
  • Set the date and time of the scheduled planner item.
  • Enter the duration.
    • Recurring items can be saved as daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Choose when to be reminded of the upcoming planner item.
  • Add any notes about the planner item.
  • If the box for “Sync with Default Device Calendar” is checked, this will copy the planner item from the Lilypad planner, into the default calendar on the device (IE; Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook Calendar, etc.).
  • Click “Create” to actually add the planner item to the planner in Lilypad.
  • After adding the planner item, click on the day that the item is set for. Clicking on the day will show a list for all planned items so far, in chronological order.
  • The account details page can be accessed by clicking on the arrow to the right side of the screen.
  • If an account is long pressed, a user can choose to start an activity or task, add a placement, edit the date/time of the planner item, or delete the item from the calendar. If the planner item does not coordinate to a specific account, the only options available are to edit the date and time of the planner item or delete it entirely.


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