Add New Account (mobile)

How to manually create an account you can't find in the Lilypad mobile app.

Written By Amjad Amer (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 1st, 2023

Add New Account

If the account cannot be found on the Account Search screen or Account Map, tap the Add New Account button found on any of the screens listed below.  From here, you can manually create the account so that you can complete activities, tasks, and placements.

  • Blue Pushpin > Start an activity/task that requires the user to choose an account > bottom of the Account Search screen.
  • Blue Pushpin > Tasks > default Task called "Add New Account"
  • Blue Pushpin > Start a placement > bottom of the Account Search screen.
  • Blue Pushpin > Accounts > List view > at the bottom of the list of accounts.
  • Side Menu > Help Me > Add New Account.
  • Home > Account Search screen > at the bottom of the All Accounts tab. 



**NOTE:  Manually creating an account should only be done if the user is absolutely sure this account does not exist within an account universe that is currently selected under Side Menu > My Distributors.

  • Click into the search field at the top of the screen and search for the account that you can't find in Lilypad.  You can search by account name or address.
  • As you enter account information, if the location exists in Google, it will start to populate potential matches beneath the search field.  Up to 5 search returns will populate.  

**NOTE:  If an account cannot be found using its name, try searching the street number in the street address.  This may also be necessary when searching for a location that is not nearby.  

  • Account Name found by Google - Update/edit the account name (if needed).  If you searched by account name at the top of the screen, then that account name will populate here.  If you searched by street address at the top of the screen, then the street address will appear in this field.  Be sure to edit this to the proper account name before saving so that you can search by account name, not just by address, in Lilypad in the future.  
  • New Account Address - The address should automatically populate from the previous search screen. 
  • Distributor - Distributor options will populate based on what you have selected on your Side Menu > My Distributors page.  You can select more than one if the account is serviced by multiple distributors.  
  • On/Off Premise - Select whether this new account is On or Off Premise. 
  • Optional Notes - Optional long text field that allows you to add generic notes to appear on the Account Profile Page > Info tab for this new account.  
  • Save New Account button - After you've filled in the above fields, tap this button to save the new account. 

**NOTE:  A red asterisk (*) denotes a required field.  


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