Manager/Contacts tab (mobile)

Written By Amjad Amer (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 17th, 2023

If the mobile user is set up as a Manager/Admin, they will see a Manager button in the lower right navigation.

If the mobile user is not set up as a Manager/Admin, they will see a Contacts button in the lower right navigation.  This is a shortcut to the same screen found in Side Menu > Contacts, which is a list of the user's colleagues.



Manager tab

The Manager screen is an overview of work done by members on a team during a selected time period.  In the Teams dropdown, the manager/admin can view stats only for teams that they are assigned to in the web Settings.  The Manager screen has three tabs:  Live, Planner, and Placements.



The Live tab will show each team member for the selected team and what activities they have logged for the current day. It will also indicate cumulative daily and weekly points for the entire team.

Additionally, each user from that list can be clicked on to generate a view of the team member's Timeline, Goals, and Planner - making visibility of each rep's actions and planned action easy and in one place.

  • Timeline: History of logged actions for the selected rep that go back three months.
  • Goals: Simple view of the selected rep's goal trackers. Each tracker can be clicked on for further details such as accounts that contributed to the goal, an overview of the goal parameters, and the goal history of that particular rep.
  • Planner: The chosen rep's Lilypad calendar for this month. Choose a day to view and the actions planned for that day will populate at the bottom of the screen. 



The Planner tab produces a snapshot of each rep's numeric amount of planned activities for Visits, Events and Follow Ups during the chosen week. The individual rep can be clicked on to open their specific planner.

The Planner screen defaults to this week, and the manager can change the viewable week by clicking the back arrow located to the left of the date range. 



The Placements tab is a snapshot of the selected team's placements that have been made for the selected month. It offers a view of the total team's cumulative information as well as a per rep break down.

Each rep's logged data can be seen as Fulfilled CE/9L and Remaining CE/9L amounts, as well as the total number of Placements fulfilled and remaining for the selected month. 



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