2.1 Release Notes & Tour

Change detection service added to your Lilypad application

Written By Alex Lieber (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 10th, 2022

Feature Summary

Lilypad users will be notified when account data has changed:

  • Changes to account name
  • New address
  • Status updates

This feature will detect changes regardless of data source, such as:

  • VIP data
  • EoStar
  • Encompass
  • LDS (ie, Integromat)

Reps will be notified by:

  • Banner alert within Lilypad.co
  • New page that lists the updated accounts
  • An email containing the account data and attached report

What is Release 2.1?

We have added a "change detection" service to provide alerts when certain types of information about your accounts change. Your sales reps will be notified when there has been a change to an account's name, address or status (ie, inactive vs. active based on distributor data). When the service detects a change in an account, reps will be notified via banner on the website, a new page listing the updated accounts, and by email.

View a video tour of 2.1:

What data sources are supported?

The new service can support data feeds from any RAS source. This includes VIP, EoStar, Encompass, LDS, etc.

What's New in the Lilypad website?

We've added an Account Log screen to provide a list of the accounts that have changed and the types of information updated. You will be able to filter by:

  • Change type (name, address, status)
  • Date range on when the change was detected
  • Search using the account name (old and new)

Anyone with access to the website can view these changes. As noted above, a banner alert notifies users when a change has been detected.

What about email notification?

Sales reps will get an email with an attached report of accounts that have changed. The email will only be sent when an account has changed, and only includes accounts that matter most to the rep (ie, accounts associated with distributors assigned to that rep).

Recipients can unsubscribe and re-subscribe from emails whenever they wish.

Will the Lilypad mobile app provide alerts?

The Lilypad mobile app is currently undergoing a rewrite and therefore alerts within the app are not part of Release 2.1. However, these alerts (and other insights and enhancements) will be part of the Lilypad 3.0 Release

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