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Updated at October 19th, 2023


The Products report located in the Export - Sidebar (web application) is useful to create custom report(s) that users can run to view the products that have been reported to Lilypad. 

How to Create a Products Export

The steps below outline how to use the export builder to customize your Products report:

Log into the Lilypad Web App ( https://lilypad.app.fintech.com/ ).

From the side bar on the left, click on Export.

Under the Exports box, select Products from the list that populates.

4 Enter a name in the Report Name text box.

5 From the Status dropdown, select either Active, Inactive, or Both:

6 Next, use the File Type dropdown to select between file optimization preference: 

  • Optimize for Excel, Sheets, Numbers - creates a compatible file for Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers.
  • Optimize for CSV - creates a comma-separated values (CSV) file that allows data to be saved in a tabular format. 

7 Under the Send & Frequency section, use the dropdown to select between the following options of how and when you'd like your report sent:

  • Download Now - creates a report that can be opened immediately.
  • Email Now - sends the report as an email attachment immediately.
  • FTP Now - allows you to enter credentials for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) completion to be sent immediately. 
  • Email Once Later - allows you to schedule an email to be sent once.
  • Recurring Email - allows you to schedule an automated email to be sent on a regular basis. 
  • Recurring FTP - allows you to enter credentials for File Transfer Protocol completion and schedule a regular send. 

8  If Email Once Later was selected, next steps are to:

  • Next, enter the email(s) into the text box. NOTE: Be sure to separate each email with a comma.
  • Below the email text box, use the calendar icon and numbers text box to enter the date and time you want the report sent to you. NOTE: All times are in the Eastern Time Zone.

If Recurring Email or Recurring FTP was selected, below the dropdown, enter the email(s) or FTP credentials into the text box. 


Then, under the Recurrence section, choose from the following:

  • Next to Repeat, use the dropdown to select the send frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Hourly). 
    • If Weekly was selected, use the day picker bubbles to select the exact day (Sunday-Saturday) you'd like the report to send.
    • If Monthly or Quarterly was selected, click the calendar icon to select the exact date you'd like the report to send.
  • Next to At, click the textbox to select the exact time the report will be sent.
  • Next to Data Range, use the dropdown to select the time frame (Previous week, Current week, Previous month, Current month, Quarter to Date, Year to Date) you want to pull the report for.

10 Once done, click the green Submit button at the bottom right. This will ensure that the report will either download immediately or automatically run on the selected day/time, depending on which frequency option was chosen. 

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