How To - Create A Territory

Written By Chris Louis ()

Updated at October 19th, 2023

The Territory feature within Lilypad allows an Admin/Manager to create custom areas within a distributor's footprint which can then be assigned as the default account universe for an individual user/rep. 

This allows for more specified tackling of the market or allows for the division of a Distributor's account universe amongst multiple reps.

Getting to Territory Setup Page

1 Log into the Lilypad Web App ( ).

From the side bar on the left, click on Setting.

Under the Setup section, click on the Territories bubble.

Creating New Territory

1Once on the Territory setup page, you can use the dropdown towards the top left of the screen to narrow down the list of users by selecting a specific Team. Then, select a user by clicking on the specific user's name (the name will be highlighted in blue indicating that's the user you currently have selected). 

In the Territory builder on the right, click the Add More Accounts button.

Once the Define Territory box opens, select a Distributor from the dropdown to narrow down on a specific account universe.

Next, from the Additional Parameters section, select the applicable filters for this Territory  -  On Premise, Off Premise, Independent, Chain.

You can filter further by selecting specific Cities or Postal Codes in the drop down menus provided.

Bulk Addition of City/Postal Codes

To the right of both drop downs is a square blue button with 3 dots (). This button is used to add Cities or Postal Codes in bulk. In the window that pops up, list each City/Postal Code on a separate line, then click Done in the bottom right corner of the window.

If your Organization is subscribed to either LP Data or a VIP data connection, there may also be the option to filter by specific sales routesbut only if the Distributor is reporting them.

Once you're done, click the green Add button under the total number of accounts that will be added to the Territory

You will see the newly created Territory pop up above the Define Territory box indicating you've successfully created that Territory for that user/rep.  

**NOTE: Currently, only one distributor at a time can be selected when creating territories. If you need multiple Distributors for one territory, you will need to set up multiple territories.

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