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Welcome to Lilypad! This is the first screen any user will see when logging into the web based Lilypad app.

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Updated at May 13th, 2020

The Home Screen is the very first page users will see when logging into the Lilypad web app. Here there are a multitude of features to immediately take advantage of. From easily viewing team stats, to loading social posts shared among teams, users can get a high level view of what is happening within the organization.

Company Snapshot

This is only available to organizations who have data being reported since it is sales driven. As seen below, Company Snapshot offers high level review of; Total CE's Reported Month-to-Date, Total CE's Last Month, Total Buying Accounts Month-to-Date and Rolling 90 Day Buying Accounts.

This information can only be filtered based on the Distributors.

Team Snapshot

This displays for all organizations, as it is based on actionable items outside of sales. It includes high level information regarding Visits, Placements Added, Events and Tasks that have been logged within Lilypad.

This information can be filtered as well, based on Teams and Date Ranges.



The Activities section is a quick snapshot of users and their actions in the Lilypad app. Data included consists of Name, Last Activity (with the date of the last Activity), Points earned, Visits and Placements Committed.

This information can further be filtered by selecting specific teams, or date ranges.

Social Wall (Sideview - Right)

For the Home Screen, the Social Wall is built into the right side of the screen. Posts can be sorted by Action or Chronologically - and new posts can be entered by clicking the green 'NEW POST' button. There is also a refresh button and a full screen button in blue at the top right.

When a new post is being added, the user will be given the option for a text, picture, video, link, meme or poll post.

Posts and comments can be bumped, Comments can be added to existing posts and a user can scroll to view more posts. There is a blue button at the bottom of the scrolled page labeled 'Load More'.

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