Lilypad 3.0 Beta Enrollment

Steps for testing Lilypad 3.0 for Apple

Written By Alex Lieber (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 23rd, 2023

Thank you for participating in the Lilypad 3.0 Beta Program. We are excited to collaborate with you on the Lilypad 3.0 app. Before we begin, here are a few reminders about the Beta Program:

  • The Lilypad Beta App does NOT replace the current production app. Please do not remove your current app.
  • The work performed on the Beta App should count towards any goals managers have created in the Lilypad Web application and in reports.
  • The Beta App will appear in dark blue (see below). We recommend placing your Beta App near the current app on your device.  


For iOS

To get started, participants will need to register as a tester and download TestFlight from the App Store.

To register, please:

  1. Provide us with the email address and first/last name for each beta participant.
  2. An invitation will be emailed to each participant.
  3. Click on Accept Invitation. Participants will have 3 days to accept the invitation.
  4. Follow the next set of instructions emailed to you by Apple.

App Updates

We will be updating the app frequently to add features and fix bugs. You will get an email from TestFlight asking you to go to the TestFlight app and hit "Update." The new app will automatically install on your phone. (Don't worry -- only the beta app will update; your legacy app will remain the same if you wish to go back to it.)

If you have any issues or questions, send an email to Alex Lieber ([email protected]), the product manager on Lilypad.

For Android

To get started, you simply need to provide us with:

  1. First and last name of each participant.
  2. The Google ID or Gmail.

Your name will be added to the beta list. Log into the Google Play Store using the same email address.

  1. Open Google Play Store and search for “lilypad crm”.
  2. Select “LilyPad CRM – Beta” from the apps list, but DO NOT INSTALL.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Join” button to join the beta testing program.
  4. Click on “Join” again.
  5. When the screen shows “Joining beta…” please scroll up.
  6. If the screen shows “Beta signup in progress. It takes a few minutes.” go back to the previous search page or refresh the page after couple of minutes.
  7. After few minutes, search for “lilypad crm” again and you can see the beta version of the Lilypad application with an additional (Beta) keyword: “LilyPad CRM – Beta (Beta)”.
  8. Click on install, open the app and the user will be ready to start using Lilypad. 

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