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Written By Amjad Amer (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 12th, 2023

Here are the items completed for this release.  


Enhancements (mobile version

  • Ability to change the distributor on an account at the top of an activity, task, or placement if the account is serviced by more than 1 distributor (LP 71936)



  • Information "i" icon added to inform users about VIP Distributor Contacts (LP 71374)



  • Account Profile Page - backing out of an incomplete activity/task adds a red notification badge (LP 71782)



  • Today tab - Today's Schedule:  each account shows distance from user (LP 74155)



  • Filling in an activity/task field turns the field light blue to indicate completion (LP 71884)



Bug Fixes (mobile version 

  • Sales Invoices under My Distributors - Accounts listed in alphabetical order within a date (IT 79360)
  • Sales tab on an Account Profile Page - units above the sales graph calculate correctly (IT 80373)
  • Sales Invoices under My Distributors are now listed in Chronological Order (IT 80740)


Bug Fixes (mobile version

  • Adding pics to an activity/task takes less time to load in an area of poor mobile coverage (IT 79340)


Bug Fixes (web)

  • Distributor Recaps - you can create new recaps again (IT 78755)


If you have any questions about this release, please reach out to us from the Lilypad mobile app by going to Side Menu > Help Me or send an email to [email protected].


Thank you!

Your Lilypad Team


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