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Updated at October 20th, 2023

Attributes Feature

Users with Lilypad "Admin" access can create custom Attributes to be used across their entire Organization. 

The Attributes (Best Day to Visit, Best Time to Visit, etc.) feature allows for characteristics, or account indicators, to populate and be selected by users to stick onto the Account Detail (Profile) page of each account out in the market. (Click here for article on Account Detail (Profile) page) 

Attributes can be used as an advanced search filter option which users can use to better plan their days/routes from the Account Map. This feature can also be used by Admins/Managers as filterable options with Lilypad reporting tools.  

See below for video and step by step on how to create custom Attributes

Tutorial Video 

Step By Step

    Getting to Attributes Builder

        Log into the Lilypad Web App (

     2 From the side bar on the left, click on Settings.

     3 Under the Organization section, click the Attributes bubble.

    Creating a New Attribute

        4 On the left side of the screen, click the green Add New Attribute button. The Add New Attribute builder should open on the right.

       5 Select an Attribute Type: 

            Text -  useful to track any text that is open-ended, but short. 

                (EX: #BEER, @ThePub, etc.) 

            Long Text - useful to track any text that is open-ended but may be more lengthy or items that will not change. 

                (EX: "Located in the oldest building in town", "They aren’t able to sell liquor until 1pm on Sundays", etc.)

            Day Picker - useful for anything that applies to a specific day for the Account. 

                (EX: 'days closed', 'distributor delivery day', etc.)

            Pick List - useful for any items that you would like to provide specific options on. 

                (EX, account tiers, color coded key accounts, etc.)

            Free Form List - used to allow your team to create their own list of things. 

                (EX: buyer personality traits, account tap lineup, etc.)

            NOTE: The Day Picker and Pick List are map-filterable types but Text, Long Text, and Free Form List are not.

           Next, Label or name the Attribute. Then, if the Attribute is -  Text, Long Text, or Free Form List, skip to step 8.

       7 If Day Picker was chosen, check mark whether this Attribute is Map Enabled or a Multi-Select (allowing multiple options to be chosen).

       8 If Pick List was chosen, enter each option selection for the reps to choose from. 

              Three Option fields are automatically provided and there is an Add Another button  for more option fields. 

              Once the Options are built out, check mark whether this Attribute is Map Enabled or a Multi-Select (allowing multiple options to be chosen).

       9 To complete the Attribute creation process, click the Save Attribute button  at the bottom of the window.

            NOTE: To ensure your reps are able to see this new attribute in the app, make sure to have everyone log out of the app completely and then log back in to see the updates pull through.

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